Augmented Driving 3.0

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available on the App Store for iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPad2 now.


Upgrade your own car with modern object detection running on your iOS device and fully exploit your mobile hardware with this unique augmented reality app.

Are you often going for longer trips on highways or country roads, or are you stuck in daily stop-and-go traffic? Then you do not want to miss the impressive technology of Augmented Driving 3.0 with advanced real-time object detection covering the following really awesome features to support your driving:

  1. Lane detection and lane departure warning - IMPROVED

  2. Vehicle detection and 2-level safety distance monitoring - NEW

  3. Stop-and-go assistant

  4. Speeding avoidance

  5. Visual logbook with screenshots and video recording - NEW

  6. Information HUD - IMPROVED

  7. Sound and voice output supporting multiple languages - NEW

  8. Many other features - NEW & IMPROVED

And finally, everything is presented in an incredibly cool futuristic visual style!

Experience Augmented Reality and real-time Object Detection in action on the road with your mobile device.

Please note:

For operation, GPS availability and a fix mount on the windshield are required. Please make sure to follow the safety notes and consider the instructions of the installation video for optimum performance.

Please also check the feature section and have a look at our video clips and screenshots illustrating the functionality of Augmented Driving 3.0. More detailed system information can be found in the Q&A section of our website.

    Download Augmented Driving 3.0

    for your iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPad2 now.