Augmented Driving 3.0 Videos


To give you a better idea of Augmented Driving we have compiled the following videos for you. Please make sure that you follow the installation instructions presented in the setup video which is also integrated in the app. This is necessary to reach the functional performance as illustrated in the video clips below.

If, for some reason, you experience problems such as no detections, please check our Q&A section or directly contact us for help.

Video 7: Augmented Driving now available on the App Store

Video 6: Augmented Driving in action on the road

Video 5: Installation guidelines for V1.0 and V2.0

Video 4: Augmented Driving V2.0 Trailer

Video 1: Augmented Driving 3.0, full App Demo

Video 2: Augmented Driving 3.0, Test Drive

Video 3: Augmented Driving 3.0, Setup Guide