Feature Overview


The following panels provide a quick overview of what to expect in Augmented Driving 3.0. Check out the video and screenshot sections to see our latest features in action on the road.

Lane Detection and Lane Departure Warning:

  1. Your lane is detected and highlighted with dynamic overlays in the augmentation video display

  2. The width of your lane and your distance to its left and right border are shown

  3. As soon as you cross the lane markings you are informed by an acoustical signal

  4. To significantly increase availability of this function, we added tracking of single lane-markings as a new feature

Vehicle Detection and Safety Distance Monitoring:

  1. Vehicles directly in front of you are detected and dynamically highlighted on the screen

  2. A new close-up view zooms in on the relevant vehicle in front of you

  3. Relevant information, such as vehicle distance and time gap, is displayed in the HUD (head-up-display)

  4. If your distance falls below a user-adaptable threshold a visual and acoustical warning is issued contingent on a new 2-level warning strategy

Visual Logbook:

  1. In order to document your driving screenshots can be taken manually or by enabling the intelligent, situation-adaptive automatic recording feature for critical situations

  2. As a completely new feature reserved for all dual core devices, you may save the screen contents as a full MP4 video stream including a buffer of the past 5 seconds

  3. Recorded videos can be retrieved as App documents via iTunes, screenshots are stored in your photo album

Sound and Voice Output:

  1. Acoustical warnings can be configured to be a standard sound or an appealing voice output

  2. We added multi-language voice output in English (new voices for US, UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese

Speeding Avoidance:

  1. To avoid speeding you are warned when a user-defined speed-limit is exceeded

Stop-and-Go Assistant:

  1. If you come to a dead stop in stop-and-go-situations, Augmented Driving detects moving off traffic in front of you and issues an acoustical information

Information HUD:

  1. Relevant system, status and driving information such as your current speed and driving course are overlaid to the augmented video display

Other Features:

  1. An installation video guides you through the main steps in order to configure Augmented Driving for optimum performance

  2. Our new Mount'n'Go technology allows for fast and easy calibration of your device at startup

  3. To guarantee best accuracy an automatic fine-calibration permanently monitors the orientation of your camera

  4. An integrated quick manual describes all features of Augmented Driving in detail

  5. Augmented Driving offers many configuration options, such as HUD color, sound or voice, and warning thresholds